NEW ALBUM, "ALOHA BLVD" out May 16, 2022

THE ALONZO SPIRIT BAND - the All-Star Studio Band on the Big Island of Hawaii - returns with their BRIGHTEST and HAPPIEST musical offering yet, with their uplifting, harmony rich and positive sound "guaranteed to lift your mood and brighten your day" to quote one Hawaiian journalist.

Hawaiian musical star DAMON WILLIAMS open as he sings and plays ukulele on George Harrison's HERE COMES THE SUN, given the Alonzo island/reggae treatment. DAMON performs similar double duty on The Rascals' groove-laden EASY ROLLIN'.

Saxophone star JESSE SNYDER sings lead on the title cut, ALOHA BLVD, and he fronts a 10-piece horn section on this uplifting rocker with Luke Clebsch's lead guitar.

What a better way to express the island spirit than MUSIC AND LOVE, an original Alonzo island/reggae joyful song, featuring DAMON, JESSE, GINGER BERTELMANN and MELISSA SAMURA - anchored by GRAMMY nominated guitarist, Pat Eskildsen.

MELISSA sings the lovely SEE THE ASTRAL SKY and she duets with ALONZO on DREAM ALOHA, possibly the prettiest song on the CD, with ukulele and guitar by Hawaiian musical legend, SONNY LIM. Melissa and her sister Ginger also back ALONZO on the joyful, jaunty, rockabilly number, YOU KNOW THE RIGHT THING.

CHADD PAISHON sings lead on DON'T MAKE ME COME BACK, A 50's, comic rock 'n' roll pastiche. Award-winning Hawaiian star, LORNA LIM, sings VISIT ME a jazz-flavored pop song with soothing sax by JESSE. Lorna's brother, the multi-talented GRAMMY AWARD winning SONNY LIM adds ukulele and Hawaiian steel guitar throughout, and sings lead on NIGHT IN HAWAII.

The Beatles' GOOD DAY SUNSHINE is given the island/reggae Alonzo spin with the trio of CAYENNE CLARKE, GINGER & MELISSA handling the vocals - and finally, JESSE, GINGER and MELISSA feature on POINT THE WAY, an infectious rocker with contemplative lyrics.

As the lyric to the title song promises: "All this love is here for you on Aloha Blvd."

          "ALOHA BLVD reminds us of what we've been missing waiting for the newest ALONZO SPIRIT BAND release - joyful music that happily   bounces from one genre to another, beautiful harmonies and musicianship, making you hum along as you smile from ear to grateful ear..."                - Ma'ata Tukuafu, Hawaiian feature journalist

          "...An All-Star Band of Hawaii's many talented musicians and artists...and all of it feels inspired" - North Hawaii News



"Sunset Comes"

Melissa, Alan & Ginger

Damon Williams

Lorna Lim

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