“AND FLOAT AWAY” had a successful 16 week run on over 50 TRIPLE A stations across America   (and Edmonton, Canada) from early November, 2015 through March, 2016.

The songs from “AND FLOAT AWAY” were played from Maine to Alaska, from Florida to Hawaii and 20+ states in-between.



NEW ALBUM “And Float Away” out November 23, 2015

The Alonzo Spirit Band’s aim is simple -- to share the upbeat, joyful, soulful vibe on the Big Island of Hawaii through pure, happy pop songs mixed with the sounds of the island -- all to impart a positive, spiritual vibration.

“The idea,” says songwriter and producer, Alan “Alonzo” Rosen, “is to put something positive out there into the world.”

You can’t be unhappy in Hawaii, and it stands to reason you can’t be unhappy listening to the Alonzo Spirit Band.

Among the amazing All-Stars recruited by “Alonzo” to bring forth the Alonzo Spirit Band are:

Damon Williams -- a star in Hawaii for two decades since a teenager, his most recent CD, the trio The Brown Boys just concluded a two-month run at #1 in the islands;

Sonny Lim, two-time Hawaiian Music Lifetime Achievement Award winner, played on Grammy Award winning album (Slack Key Guitar Volume Two);

Sonny's sister Lorna Lim, also a Hawaiian Music Lifetime Achievement Award winner;

All three members of the instrumental group Kohala -- including Grammy Award winning producer (Slack Key Guitar Volume Two) and Alonzo Spirit Band engineer Charles Brotman and vocalist Rupert Tripp, Jr.;

Guitarist Pat Eskildsen, from the Grammy nominated group, Kahulanui;

-- and the Bump City Horn section, who also played on the Grammy nominated Kahulanui CD.

The harmonies and beautiful blend of sisters Ginger Bertelmann and Melissa Samura round out the sound.

There are no negative songs or dark songs here, no ‘My baby left me and broke my heart and I wanna die.’ No angry lyrics, and no cynicism, either. The songs are upbeat, happy, evocative of the islands and soul soothing.

There’s the buoyant pop “Aloha Au I Ke Ola” (translation: I love my life) -- the blues/rock shuffle “Walkin’ in the Light” -- the fun fifties’ rock ‘n’ roll pastiche of “Cosmic Cadillac" -- plus The Rascals’ joyful “A Beautiful Morning” and George Harrison’s #1 great song, “My Sweet Lord” both re-imagined and given the island sound. Also sweet ballads with meditative lyrics such as “Moonlight on the Snow,” “Lead Me Home,” “It’s the Way” and “Angels Song.” The CD caps off with the title song, a gentle and melodic jazz/pop duet featuring Damon Williams and sultry singer Iris Downey.

Wherever you are in the world, The Alonzo Spirit Band is ready to transport you to the peaceful and spiritual vibe of the Big Island of Hawaii through music that will make you smile and warm your soul. As the title song promises, “just close your eyes And Float Away…” 


A few fun facts:

In December, 2016, DJ Harriet Shanas of the show FOLKS OF THE WORLD on KDHX, St. Louis, MO. --

-- Listed “And Float Away” as #5 on her TOP TEN LIST OF FAVORITE ALBUMS OF 2016.


Also in late December, 2016, a FAVORITE SPIN occurred on wmhb.fm -- pairing Jazz great Billie Holiday's recording of the classic, "Moonlight in Vermont" with The Alonzo Spirit Band's "Moonlight On the Snow."


Almost two years after release, some TRIPLE A radio stations are still spinning "The River Rolls Back", "My Sweet Lord", "Walkin' in the Light" and "A Beautiful Morning." Mahalo!


Another fun fact -- our RADIO PROMOTER'S name, of course the Spirits would arrange for us to be working with a special woman whose name is "CRYSTAL." We mean, of course The Alonzo Spirit Band is represented by a woman named Crystal Ann. The Spirits wouldn't have it any other way...

MAHALO to all 52 TRIPLE A radio stations that spun AND FLOAT AWAY!





"Sunset Comes"

Melissa, Alan & Ginger

Damon Williams

Lorna Lim

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